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A Look at Huu-ay-aht Businesses

A Look at Huu-ay-aht Businesses

In January of 2011, Stan Coleman was selected as the Chief Executive Officer for the newly formed HFN Development Limited Partnership. With thirty-five years experience working in the forestry industry as a registered professional forester and forestry operations manager, Stan has recently worked as a consultant with HFN. We caught up with Stan on February 16th for a 40-minute interview, part of which is summarized below, with Stan describing what Economic Development means for HFN.

“Huu-ay-aht businesses are accountable to their board of directors who report to the HFN government. This is a clear accountability business structure for the development corporation to function under. The purpose of the HFN Development LP and the HFN businesses is to add wealth to the Huu-ay-aht First Nations.

“At present there are several Huu-ay-aht businesses: forestry, aquaculture (presently on four- year hold), fishing (licenses contracted out), gravel and the tourism related businesses (campground and gas station). I think that there is tremendous growth potential in the tourism sector as well in the area of micro hydro power generation.

“Each of these businesses has to be sustainable. They have to meet the standards that are agreed upon by the Board of Directors. They must be sustainable in a number of ways: first, they must be run safely; second, they must meet environmental standards; and third, they have to be profitable. If they are not profitable, they are not sustainable. Profitable means that the wealth generated can go back into investments in the business and the wealth could, for example, come back as the payment of dividends to HFN.

“Another part of our business planning is that it has to meet the cultural expectations of the community. This can be just as much part of the business practice as environmental sustainability. When the business develops wealth, in the sense of profits, it leads to the opportunity for the business to create more employment. This is a key piece that requires attention to developing a healthy economic climate for economic development over time. This climate will attract investment and increase economic wealth including employment opportunities for Huu-ay-aht.”

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