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Bamfield East Dock

photo[17]Bamfield East Dock, formerly known as the Transport Canada Dock, is now owned and operated by the Huu-ay-aht First Nations. This dock provides approximately 850 ft of safe, year-round moorage. We have lights and garbage available now with upgrades of water and power in the near future.  The dock is located approximately 100 meters from grocery and liquor stores, ice and a café. Rates are as follows:

 Rates for Bamfield East Dock 

1)    Per night $0.80 per ft.

2)    Per week $4.30 per ft. (7 nights)

10% discount for advance payment = $3.87 ft.

3)    Per month $4.60 per ft.

10% discount for advance payment = $4.14 per ft.

4)    Per year $55.00 per ft.

20% discount for advance payment = $44.00 per ft.


Commercial Fishing Vessels:

All fishing vessels should display their licence numbers.

  • Per night $0.40 cents per ft. per night
  • Per month $2.47 per ft. per month
  • Per year $29.64 (10% discount for advance payment)


  • Per night $1.50
  • Per month $15.00 (October to May)
  • Per month $30.00 (June to September)

Row Boats (pulled up on dock):

  • Per month $25.00 (October to May)
  • Per month $45.00 (June to September)

photo[13]Additional Information:

  • All users will be expected to pay for moorage and comply with the terms and conditions of the dock.
  • Parking of vehicles on the approach and upper area of the dock will be limited to loading and unloading activities.

Those who wish to apply for moorage can contact The Market at 250-728-2000 or by email at hfnmarket [at] Specific qualifications will be required to be accepted for yearly moorage.