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Campground Investment Shows Results

Campground Investment Shows Results

After a stellar season serving Bamfield residents and visitors, staff members at the HFN group of businesses are excited to share the results. General Manager Charlie Clappis called 2015 a “rewarding year” because “we started to see the results of our investments.” Those investments included improvements at the campground, which have drawn positive comments from users. “People are blown away,” Charlie says. “Each year it gets better and better.”

With a sales increase of more than 60% over last year, the campground is definitely doing something right. Anacla Manager Sarah Johnson attributes the campground’s success to several things.

“The campground road upgrade was definitely the highlight of the year. On the May long weekend, every camper was amazed. Some have been coming for years and the road was the most challenging part of their trip. They appreciated the change so much.”

Johnson also noticed more children biking on the road and families taking strolls together. “The improved road has definitely improved the experience for our guests,” she says.

19099850031_e194d6ca20_zAdditionally, word has started to spread about other improvements to the campground, including extra washrooms and access to water. “Two washrooms spread out through the campground is a lot less of a walk,” she says.

Another factor contributing to the campground’s increased sales are snack items recently added to the campground store.

“We incorporated a small convenience store within campground office. Now campers don’t have to leave the campground to buy things like pop, chips, chocolate bars, freezies, and ice cream…We also made sure we didn’t bring in too many expensive clothing items and focused more on average prices people would feel comfortable paying. The store side of the campground is definitely working.”

This year, the campground also hosted a private event for the first time. The Victoria-based Kindle Arts Society booked the entire campground for art workshops and a show. The event included a community open house, but was otherwise off limits non-registrants.

“The event was definitely a success and we are currently in discussions with the organizers to host them again in 2016,” Sarah says. “The organizers and the business learned a few things that need to be tightened up in future, but overall they were very pleased and we are working on this year’s contract.”

This year’s event will be even bigger, with 525 people versus last year’s 400. The campground will also host an Aboriginal Day festival, a customer appreciation day, and is already planning their first wedding for 2016.

Says Charlie Clappis: “Now we are getting feedback from Victorians who didn’t know about the area previously and can’t believe how beautiful it is. It’s such a good feeling to hear these comments. I have no doubt those people will be back.”

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  1. Terrific news about the success of your campground! I will feature this in an upcoming TIABC e-newsletter.

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